Pub Style Soft Pretzels with IPA Cheese DipBy Kathleen GloverFor a snack that will truly change your perspective on pretzels, I highly recommend trying this recipe for Pub Style Soft Pretzels with IPA Cheese Dip. Go ahead and sip on a cold one while you make this to get the full experience. 
Basic Baba GanoushBy Kathleen GloverThis dish is a Middle Eastern recipe. It's a dip which is very easy and quick to make. In essence, this is just an eggplant puree, which has many variations depending on which countries (or even city) you're in. Depending on what after taste you want to achieve, you can bake the eggplant in the oven or grill it for a smokier flavor. If you want to make a vegan Baba Ganoush, simply omit the Greek yogurt. We used a little bit to help with the consistency and texture but feel free to adjust to taste.