Peanut Sauce “Voodles”By Kathleen Glover"Voodles", or "Vegetable Noodles" are a great substitute for noodles if you're trying to introduce more vegetables into your diet or if you are working towards a low-carb lifestyle. These vegetables shine when paired with a simple 5 ingredient peanut sauce.
Vegan Creamy Chickpea CurryBy Kathleen GloverIn 30 minutes you could be enjoying a delicious Vegan Creamy Chickpea Curry. Using whatever vegetables you have on hand is a great way to adapt this recipe.
Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast SmoothieBy Kathleen GloverSmoothies are great grab-and-go breakfasts. With added oatmeal, this Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie will keep you full longer than most other smoothies.
Crunchy Tofu TendersBy Kathleen GloverIf you're craving chicken tenders, our Crunchy Tofu Tenders are a great meatless substitute that is healthier and just as delicious.
Vegan Vietnamese Tofu Banh Mi SlidersBy Kathleen GloverThese Vegan Sliders is my take on a Vietnamese dish I love, Banh Mi. It's packed with flavor because of the tofu marinade, quick pickled vegetables, and sriracha mayo!
Vegan Banana Bread GranolaBy Kathleen GloverWhy buy granola at the store when it's so much easier to make it at home? Channel the flavor of Banana Bread in the morning with this easy Vegan Banana Bread Granola.
Banana Cocoa Nib Smoothie BowlBy Kathleen GloverA healthy treat that you can indulge in without feeling guilty! Chocolate, banana, and cinnamon come together in a symphony of flavor in this Banana Cocoa Nib Smoothie Bowl.
Salt and Vinegar Roasted PotatoesBy Kathleen GloverTaking the classic Salt and Vinegar chip flavor and applying it to roasted potatoes will soothe your cravings and spice up your dinner table.
Twice-Fried Smashed PlantainsBy Kathleen GloverAlso known as "Tostones", Smashed Twice-Fried Plantains, are a staple of Latin American and Caribbean Cuisine. If you haven't had them, you are missing out. Not to worry! These are so simple to make at home, you won't be missing out much longer. 
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