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The first food crop grown by humans, banana is one of the favorite fruits of the world. The generous banana flavor accompanies you on a daily basis, giving you its benefits and energy throughout the day.

A banana weighs 150 grams on average. Covered with a yellow skin becoming tiger at maturity, it has a soft and sweet flesh, very unctuous.
Very balanced, banana is a fruit rich in carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. A banana a day brings a good dose of energy every day.
If it is delicious nature, the banana is also excellent in the pan, flambé or cooked in a gratin. It goes very well with gourmet desserts and accompanies surprisingly some of your salty preparations.

Storage tips

Once home, store the bananas, bought green, in the air. They will mature slowly, turn yellow and then dress in a beautiful tiger color.

Keep them away from the fridge and freezer, as they may darken and lose all their flavor. Bananas do not support temperatures lower than + 12 ° C. 

Picked before full ripening, when the bananas are still green, the diets are cut in some fruit groups (5 or 6 most often)


Still green, they are packed in cartons, which protect them from cold and shock and allow them to ripen en route. The bananas arrive on the stalls, free to you later to choose them individually.

Cooking tips

The banana often crusts raw, after a quick peeling. But why not fry, flame or bake? Its sweet flesh is an excellent accompaniment for your desserts, but also for your meat, cooked in gratin or fried.

Nothing is easier than preparing a banana! Once his skin has taken a beautiful yellow to tiger yellow color:

Slightly cut the protruding end and then pull on to peel the banana.
Remove her skin then … bite in with beautiful teeth or cut it into slices!

To prevent the flesh from turning black in the air, lemon the flesh of banana cut into slices. You can also add a drop of lemon in the compotes and other marmalade.


Cooking modes

Oven Stove/wok
The banana is eaten mostly raw, but also pan-fried, flambéed or baked: 5 min in the pan, in a little butter to brown. To flambé the banana, add, at the end of cooking in the pan, a stroke of rum (or other alcohol of your choice ; remove the stove from the fire, hold it at arm’s length so as not to burn yourself while bringing a match near the alcohol; a flame will rise to die almost immediately; It’s ready !
15 minutes in the oven, with the skin washed beforehand, as a garnish or as a dessert.

Savory nature, the banana is also delicious accompanied by some ingredients of choice. Here are some gourmet tips to taste your fruit with.

• chocolate in all its forms: mousse, cake or just melted and topped with diced fruit,
• white meats, accompanied by fruit in the form of fries, mashed potatoes or gratin,
• semolina, flavored with small diced fruits,
• citrus (orange, pomelo).

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