Apple Crumble CakeBy Kathleen GloverName a better flavor combo than apple and cinnamon, I'll wait. Combine my two favorite flavors in a simple apple crumble sheet cake. Tip: f you're a fan of crumble topping, you should double the topping. I promise you won't regret it.
Hasselback Pizza PotatoesBy Kathleen GloverPepperoni stuffed and mozzarella topped, Hasselback Pizza Potatoes are a twist on your favorite pizza flavors. Customize with any of your favorite toppings!
Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie Dip with DippersBy Kathleen GloverTake entertaining to the next level with Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie Dip with Dippers! The ultimate comfort food turned into an easy to serve dip. Easy to make in advance and broil when you get to a party as well!
Baked Tomato and Balsamic ChickenBy Kathleen GloverBaked Tomato and Balsamic Chicken is the one-pan wonder for a low calorie, low effort, Italian chicken. Pair with a roasted vegetable for a complete meal.
Mozz and Parm Chicken BakeBy Kathleen GloverOne-pan dinners don't get tastier than this Mozz and Parm Chicken Bake. Mozzarella and Parmesan topped, marinara smothered chicken, topped with a crunchy bread topping, what more could you want?
Cream of Broccoli SoupBy Kathleen GloverComfort food at it's finest. If you're still trudging through winter, try our Cream of Broccoli soup to brighten your day with some fresh veggies.
Mushroom RisottoBy Kathleen GloverMushroom Risotto at home is easier than you imagine and so worth the time spent stirring. You will not believe how creamy this risotto is when you taste it!
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